With Curb Buster, teen students can get started and finish Driver Education with one of the best Parent Taught Driver Education courses on the market. 

Curb Buster has years of experience bringing ever-increasing success to Teen Drivers through Parent Taught Driver's Ed. AVA Driving School is an affiliate of Curb Buster. We offer a support system to parents who are employing the Parent Taught curriculum with the goal of obtaining the teen's Driver License.

Parents, after you obtain approval from DPS, you can start your teen student in Phase I of the GDL (Graduated Driver's License) Program with Curb Buster and after the first 6 hours of successfully completed online work, accompany your teen to the DPS (Department of Public Safety) to obtain his/her Learner's License. Then you may transfer your teen student to AVA Driving School to complete Phase II or you may finish Phase II yourself with your teen student. It's your choice, and we're here to help.

Your teen student will have a great start on his/her 30-hour driving log, as well as being able to begin the 6 months of driving practice required by the state.

Please call us for details. Parents, Driving Instructors and Responsible Teens make the best combination for safe teen driving.

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AVA Driving School

AVA Driving School is licensed by the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). It operates within the Texas Department of Public Safety's guidelines for driver's licensing. The curriculum for classroom and in-car lessons, approved by TDLR, covers what you need to know to become a safe, confident, life-long learning driver.


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