DPS Authorized Road Test Provider

AVA Driving School is authorized by the Texas Department of Public Safety to administer the Road Test for Driving Skills.
Any Teen or Adult who has completed either Teen Driver Education (Classroom and Behind-the-Wheel) or Adult Driver Education (6-Hour) and meets the requirements for testing may take the Road Test with AVA Driving School.
Teens must be 16 years old and have held a valid Learner's License for at least 6 months. On the back of the Learner's License card is the Graduated Driver License eligibility date. "Must hold valid Learner's License to 00/00/0000". Students from any driving school are welcome to drive the Road Test at AVA Driving School.
Texas State Law requires all applicants to watch and listen to the Impact Texas Teen/Young Drivers program presenting Survivor's stories and Public Service Announcements concerning Texting and Driving. Simply answer the straight-forward questions about the Lessons to receive your certificate. Anyone taking a Road Test must present the certificate together with the valid Learner's License. The certificate is good for 90 days.

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To drive your Road Test, bring the following to AVA Driving School:
Vehicle Requirements

Copy of receipt if paid online
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Upon passing the Road Test, the examiner will issue the student a Sealed Envelope containing the Road Test Score Sheet, the ITTD, the DE964 and the V.O.E. required by DPS. As soon as possible, take the sealed envelope to DPS with your Parent, your valid Learner's License, your Social Security Card, $11-$25 DPS fee, 30-hour log and 2 proofs of residence 30 to 90 days old. DPS may than issue to you your Driver's License. If paying with credit card, the owner of the credit card must be present for payment.

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AVA Driving School is licensed by the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). It operates within the Texas Department of Public Safety's guidelines for driver's licensing. The curriculum for classroom and in-car lessons, approved by TDLR, covers what you need to know to become a safe, confident, life-long learning driver.


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